Motivators to Purchasing a Contractor Pollution Liability

If you are looking to start a contracting business in the demolition industry, then you probably know that the sector riddled with an array of risks. As a contractor, you cannot afford to ignore the possibility of workers and other third parties being exposed to pollutants during a demolition exercise. Therefore, a contractor pollution liability is critical for a demolition business owner as it helps cover against possible claims. However, there are different motivators to purchasing a contractor pollution liability that you should be aware of before getting any cover for your firm. Read More 

Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance For Your Business

If you provide services or professional advice to clients then you need to learn more about the importance of adequate professional liability coverage. This kind of insurance gives you protection in the event that your client suffers a financial loss due to neglect or error from your business. Litigation costs and punitive damages arising from potential legal action by customers can set you back thousands of dollars and ultimately ruin your business. Read More