Is Your Startup Business Going to Need Business Insurance?

Does a startup business require business insurance? In short, yes, but the extent of your necessary insurance depends on what you happen to be starting up, and just how it's going to be started up. For the Public Public liability insurance is mandatory if you should have a physical space that will be visited by clients or customers, but of course, this might not be the case when your startup is in its infancy. Read More 

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Business Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers help companies of all sizes find suitable business insurance. Ideally, a business insurance broker will work hard to find the right insurance policy for your business. However, not all brokers give their clients as much attention as they deserve. Here are five key signs that you could get a better deal by looking for a new business insurance broker. 1. Slow Response Times  Brokers should respond quickly when you contact them with a common request, such as when you need a certificate of insurance. Read More 

Three Crucial Tips for Obtaining Your Business Insurance Faster

Insurance is an important tool for managing and minimising the risks when running a small business. If you have the right insurance policies in place, your business will not experience unexpected losses due to unexpected claims. Under ideal circumstances, purchasing insurance coverage for your commercial operation is easy. However, there are often complications which arise, delaying the insuring process. Here are practical guidelines to help you obtain your insurance policy faster and with minimal mishaps. Read More 

Motivators to Purchasing a Contractor Pollution Liability

If you are looking to start a contracting business in the demolition industry, then you probably know that the sector riddled with an array of risks. As a contractor, you cannot afford to ignore the possibility of workers and other third parties being exposed to pollutants during a demolition exercise. Therefore, a contractor pollution liability is critical for a demolition business owner as it helps cover against possible claims. However, there are different motivators to purchasing a contractor pollution liability that you should be aware of before getting any cover for your firm. Read More 

4 Commonly Asked Questions about Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Benefits Answered

Employers and business owners who operate from specific business premises are required to purchase workers' compensation insurance which pays for coverage of employees that suffer workplace-related illness or injury. Without being insured, the employer/business may be held liable to pay for claims from their own assets. In addition, the employee may directly sue the employer in court as you will not be protected by insurance. If you're just starting a business, below are some answers to basic questions you may have about workers' compensation insurance and benefits: Read More